MetaHarper Show Tools – Support and Training

If you find a bug…

All software worth using has bugs! That said we are very interested in squashing as many bugs as possible with the MetaHarper Show Tools. Your bug reports are important to make the tools better.

If you find an unexpected behavior with MetaHarper show tools that gets in your way: Make sure you can demonstrate the bug yourself regularly first, then explain in as much detail as possible what you expected to happen, and then in detail what actually happened. Try to avoid using vague words like ‘It didn’t work’, but be as clinical as you can. You may send a notecard to “Arrehn Oberlander” describing the detailed series of steps that I can take, starting from a blank stage template, to make bug show up on my screen. I try to be responsive but responses may be delayed days if I am tied up on other projects.

Please be understanding and if you are preparing for a special event, test your tools days in advance so that you will not be stressed at a last minute deadline. Thank You!

If you would like training or help…

First, try joining the group “MetaHarpers Cabal” in SL and posting your question to group chat. This is a community of people, many of whom may have experience with the MetaHarper Show Tools and may be able to provide advice. However, please understand that this is not a paid support group and it is possible that no one will be able to answer your question.

Below is a list of people that, on a volunteer basis, have offered to help answer MST-related questions. This is not an official endorsement, these individuals are not officially connected with MetaHarpers of Second Life and they are under no obligation to provide support, but have offered their names in the interest of helping the community. Each person may be more of an expert in some areas than others. If you would like to offer your name or update this list let Arrehn Oberlander know in world.

  • Sho Kyong
  • Jenna Dirval
  • Fukuju Amaterasu
  • Tray Porthos

Below is a list of people that offer extensive training on most MST tools, suitable for individuals of any experience, sometimes for a fee:

  • Deb Heron
  • Shayna Paine

If you own a large, popular venue and would like to help your performers effectively use MetaHarper Show Tools:

It is possible to schedule help with the setup and installation, prioritized support, for a fee. Contact Arrehn Oberlander for details. You can also choose to do the setup yourself and ask a few questions as they come up, instructions are at