Release Notes / Version History

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.4.4

  • MST Performance Engine: Imrpoved performance, less chat used for very large groups
  • MST Mover: Less memory use
  • MST Performance Engine: fixed issue where, when re-running “playshow”, animations may not always have been cleared.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.4.3

  • MST Performance Engine:New “loadevents” command to load additional eventlist notecards.
  • MST Performance Engine: New “moveranim” command to re-request permission dialog requests, if needed in high lag environments.
  • MST Performance Engine: New “permslist” command to see which avatars have successfully accepted animation permission dialogs
  • MST Mover: Improved movement performance
  • MST Mover: fixed issue when using non-default standing animations

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.4.1

  • New “MST Outfitter HUD” outfit automation tool included in the MST package (Created by Tozh Taurog, Arrehn Oberlander, Sho Kyong).
  • MST Performance Engine and MST Centerpoint includes native support for MST Outfitter.
  • MST Seat now includes default “sit” animation, for compatibility with AO-based sit animations (thanks Usher Piers)
  • MST Designer HUD now stops all animations before playing sequences
  • MST Mover improvements for moving non-avatar objects.
  • MST Camera HUD collaboration fixes
  • Derezzing multiple, individual objects in one command now optimized for performance (requires ~rezTracker 5.4.1 or higher)
  • Fixes for rezzing multiple, individual objects in one command.
  • Lots of documentation updates and fixes

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.3.9

  • MST Perfromance Engine now better supports template creation, per the website documentation.
  • Major Documentation Update – Documentation is focused on creators now and up to date with the 5.3.6-5.3.8 feature changes.
  • Seat fixes for certain situations with more than one avatar on the same piece of furniture
  • Bugfixes for using trackcam command
  • Bugfixes for using range=0 with the MST centerpoint
  • New options for enabling/disabling¬† using pageup/pagedown to adjust position on movers
  • New ~PACKLIST notecard option to disable auto updates
  • “@noadjust” option to disable pageup/pagedown position adjustment on movers.
  • Faster camera view printouts
  • Improved documentation inside ~EVENTLIST notecard

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.3.8


  • MST SmartCurtain now included in the tools package
  • MST Performance Engine is the new name for the rezzer/template object!
  • MST Performance Engine eventlist now has a command to send linked messages. This is useful for intergration with other scripts and tools.
  • MST Mover now accepts a “@nocam” option to shut off camera scripts.
  • Animation bugfixes: All animations that are started are now stopped properly.
  • Mover bugfixes: better behavior with non-avatar and multi-avatar movement within the same object.
  • Seat bugfixes: fixed a bug which would often require script resets after drag-copying chairs before the seat scripts would work.
  • Seat bugfixes: better documentation for welcome message.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.3.6


  • Centerpoint now includes support for a director channel
  • Centerpoint can now accept ALLOW_CAM, DENY_CAM, and STOP_CAM commands from administrators to provide emergency overrides of scripted cameras while an act is in progress. This is useful for recovering from a misbehaving act.
  • Eventlist can now handle animation of avatars on movers directly, for better performance with massive-scale acts.
  • Rezzer, Eventlist, Camera notecard printouts are now much faster, while consuming a minimum of sim resources.
  • Rezzer & Mover now report major events to Director channel, such as when acts are rezzed and when avatars sit on movers
  • Camera HUD and Curtain HUD now have optional support to display messages from the Director Channel
  • Movers now allow authorized users to collaboratively adjust waypoints
  • Movers now have an option to hide them. This is useful after an act starts to avoid movers being seen on stage.
  • Movers have a simpler shape for increased performance
  • Movers now adapt to insure smooth movement even when you cam in tight to avatar heads (Thanks Ormand)
  • Movers now give a device to aid animation sync persistence when audience members are free-camming. (Thanks Ormand)
  • Mover bugfix that will improve performance in crowded locations
  • Camera HUD now behaves correctly when reworn after being taken off while in a disabled state
  • Camera HUD now works even for users not in the land group
  • Seat is now mesh with improved aesthetics (Thanks Fuki, Anthony’s Republic)
  • Seat example has better animations and comes by default compatible with avsitter-based furniture (Thanks Fuki)
  • Chair camera scripts now support mulit-user chairs.
  • Chair Bugfixes for group and whitelist access
  • Template Bugfixes to avoid update errors
  • Camera bugfix where the rezzer object name would sometimes be set to a blank.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.16

  • Camera HUD, Camera movers, and Camera seats now understand the “shakecam” camera command!
  • Camera HUD works more reliably
  • Movers and Rezzers find their venues more reliably
  • “savenomodrez” command re-enabled in rezzer
  • Mover now shouts at you if you try to use no-copy animations, as a safety feature.
  • Mover now properly can use no-mod, no-trans animations as default pose, via setting the “DEFAULTANIM” notecard line. (Thanks Usher Piers, HoneyXO)
  • “/8 precache <movername> command now supported by movers
  • The readme notecard, objectFX script, and reztracker scripts now have the prefix “MST” for easier searching. (Thanks Usher Piers)
  • Numerous Documentation fixes and updates

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.14

  • Mover fixes to FLOATTEXT
  • Designer HUD has extraneous, noisy script removed
  • nomodsaverez reactivated on the rezzer
  • Seat now contains an entry for the basic SL sit (Thanks Usher Piers)
  • Numerous Documentation updates and fixes to spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

Special thanks to Usher Piers for excellent bug reports on all of the above.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.13

  • Fixes to the “OVERLAYANIM:” command in the MST movers, used for making animations appear to start in the middle of their timing. Thanks Jenna!

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.11

  • Centerpoints and rezzer template now are triangles so you can more easily point them toward the audience
  • Centerpoints now can be set to accept any template. (public mode)
  • MST Designer beta included in package
  • Minor bug fixes, guard code for seats, camera helper, movers

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.9

  • Camera HUD now clears the camera target during relog and sim change.
  • Camera placeholders are now phantom (thanks Diawa)
  • Basic rezzer now phantom

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.8

  • Fixed a bug where camera auto-fader didn’t clear
  • Removed debug lines from mover that were visible in certain circumstances

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.6

  • Fixed an issue where cameras might not be active after moving your set to a differently-named venue.
  • Insured that camera auto-fader prim gets cleaned up when acts stop or camera clears
  • Fixed an issue when deleting mover waypoints (Thanks Deb)
  • Added guard code to movers to try and avoid script permission errors while precaching (Thanks Deb)
  • NEW: Movers now have a notecard option to set a custom hovertext while waiting for someone to sit on them.
  • NEW: You can ask for a menu from a specific setBase.. either by specifying the venue Name or by the setBase name. Example: “/8 menu GB_Acuo” or “/8 menu myNewSetName”

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.5

  • Fixed mover issue reporting unable to find animations (regression)

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.4

  • Fixed MST Mover bug issue with some custom default animations
  • Improvements to camhelper HUD
  • Fixed error message when sending product updates
  • MST mover performance improvements
  • Fixed permissions issue with Show Tools Base while centering.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.2.2

  • Fixed MST Mover bug where it sometimes failed to understand messages sent to a particular group.

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.1.8 from 5.1.4

  • New cosmetic look for the wearable cam helper
  • DEBUG mode added to the eventlist. It will echo commands, and can be turned off and on via chat commands or the blue click menu under “Show”
  • Documentation formally moved to website
  • Camhelper can now be locked to a sim
  • Minor bugfixes/cosmetic fixes to seats
  • EventList will now execute any events defined in the “onrez” group, as soon as it is stagerezzed.
  • Centerpoint range bugfixes
  • Improved rezzer reliability when multiple venue centerpoints are present
  • Improved use with the interactive stage kiosk
  • Misc. minor other bugfixes
  • Added documentation for inserting mover waypoints from Deb Heron

MetaHarper Show Tools Release Notes, 5.0.x from 4.x

MST Venue Centerpoint

  • New! Allows you to configure a venue or workspace for autocentering/cameras/curtains, etc.
  • Many configuration options to restrict access by users, groups, range, and parcels.
  • Can be configured with a name so multiple can exist safely in the same place.
  • Curtain commands and channels can be configured.
  • “Voice Broadcasting” feature is configurable, so people far away in the audience can hear words spoken on stage.
  • Ability to relay commands as the venue owner can be delegated.

MetaHarper Show Tools (base template)

  • Now reads configuration from a venue centerpooint. This is used to configure internal channels and also prevent different MetaHarper Show Tools acts from interfering with each other.
  • New commands that allow the scripted camera to fade to back and fade from black to transparent automatically.
  • Access controls now allow specifying names in addition to avatar keys.
  • All commands (rezz, camera, events) can be run collaboratively by whitelisted friends. This is useful for working collaboratively with others or so you can do more development work with your own alt accounts.
  • Cameras have been expanded to handle large volumes (like the Cirque de Nuit show) . Tested with 400+ cameras.
  • Event timelines have been expanded to handle large volumes (like the Cirque de Nuit show).¬† Tested with 400+ lines of events.
  • Event timeline can natively understand “curtain open” “curtain close” commands now and figure out what the real command should be by talking to the venue centerpoint.
  • Bugfixes
  • Memory Improvements
  • Speed Improvements

MST Mover

  • Most commands (expept waypoint configuration) now can be run by allowed friends of the owner to make collaborative work easier.
  • Whitelisting can now use named avatars.
  • More reliable rezzing of waypoint configuration markers.
  • Other bugfixes

MST Seat

  • Can now be configured to accept camera commands from specific avs or venues.

MST Wearable CamHelper

  • Can now be configured to accept camera commands from specific avs or venues.

MST Machinema Camsled

  • Can now be configured to accept camera commands from specific avs or venues.

MST Curtain Hud

  • New!
  • Automatically figures out how to open and close curtains at each venue.
  • Allows different speeds.
  • Is very safe, prevents repeat commands.