Metaharp Sci-fi Background


The MetaHarp is a spectacular instrument of science, music, and violence.

The core power source is a modified, miniaturized warp engine. This particular engine is designed not to transport a large vessel, but instead transport small streams of matter across vast distances, by forming micro wormholes.

By connecting energetic regions of the multiverse to calmer regions, the wormholes created by the MetaHarp act as a self-sustaining siphon. The MetaHarp can use and store energy by taking advantage of the flow from denser to vacuum regions, similar to a advanced waterwheel.

The ability to replendish its energy via siphoning makes the MetaHarp an ideal platform for a host of scientic sensors and communications equipment. It is not unusual to attach antennas to the system which which to receive and transmit information with relative ease.

Although miniaturized from its original form, the MetaHarp is often a heavy, bulky affair, especially with sensor arrays attached. Luckily the MetaHarp can use its energy siphoning ability to exert finely tuned tugging forces in order to offset its natural apparent weight. This allows a skilled harpist to wield the instrument effortlessly, despite its size. With advanced training, it can even be used for flight and other gravity defying motion, although the wielder must take care of her own comfort and above all must insure she does not let go or loose control while precariously suspended.

The MetaHarp takes its name from the chirochord input system developed by the legendary musician/physicist Gustavius Jack late in the previous century. Using only one’s right hand, the experienced wielder has access to vast possibilities of control through coordinated subtle motions of the fingers. Some have likened to process to playing an electric lute, and indeed beginning MetaHarpists are often first taught their istrument using a simplified, fully playable classical-string interface on the front side, before moving on to master the chirochord glove on the protected back side.

Although beautiful and sometimes delicate in appeance, the MetaHarp possesses excellent defensive capabilities should one find herself in need of protection. The mass of the object and its low apparent weight make it an effective weapon when swung. Siphoned energy can be used to repair most damage to the heavy metal alloyed exterior. More impressively, the harp can release siphoned energy in an semi-controlled stream, to the detriment of anyone standing in the path without significant protection from heat, radiation, or accoustics depending on the wielder’s control.