Our Exhibits





MetaHarper’s Theater (visit)

MetaHarper’s theater is an all-custom, luxury art-deco theater available for custom events upon request!

MetaHarpers’ Museum, Harp Gallery, and Sandbox (visit)

Our home region contains a general sandbox for build experiments, our headquarters and history museum, our gallery of MetaHarps, and more than a few odd characters. Come visit anytime and say hello. The social area and sandbox is up on the 2000m platform. Be sure to check out MadCow Cosmos’s “House of Seven Strings” floating harp stage.

MetaHarpers’ Tower of the Impossible (visit)

MetaHarper’s “Gallery of the Impossible” is dedicated to promoting highly imaginative works of art designed using the Second Life ™ platform.

Around this tower you will see oval-shaped floating portals with different scenes inside. These portals represents places on the Second Life grid you can visit! Click on these portals to receive a brief description of the place it represents, along with a landmark. To visit the location, just click the teleport button on the landmarks you receive.

Please visit often so you will not miss new additions, as this kind of artwork in Second Life is often here one day, gone the next. Contact “Arrehn Oberlander” via IM for suggestions, comments, or requests!

The Olde Harp (visit)

A small public hangout in the heart of Second Life’s oldest city, styled as pub on the docks. This is a public place for meetups, hanging out, and other casual occasions.

The MetaHarpery (visit)

A gallery building in classic Nova Albion brick and glass. Hang out on the roof or explore the rotating gallery inside. Are you an budding creator in SL doing something unique and different? Let us know and we might feature you here.

Nova Albion Interactive Art Discovery (visit)

NAIAD is a fun place to catch a first glimpse of fantasy art styles unique to Second Life. Here you will find playful objects that react to your avatar’s actions including balloon rides, a huge life-size minesweeper game, and a color changing tree among others.

This parcel, “Nova Albion Interactive Art Discovery” is two things in one. It is a fun place to visit and discover some of the unique art in Second Life, and at the same time it is a place where some long-time residents of the city of Nova Albion can create art for others to enjoy, leave their mark on the city, and become part of what the city means to a new generation of residents. As more and more of the public infohubs decide to restrict public building, it is important that private lands like this one pick up the slack, and allow residents to practice and enjoy creative expression.