MetaHarpers Self-Service Stage Technology

Ever since Gabba Loon installed our community theater in the historic virtual city of Nova Albion, we have entertained the idea that the theater is a public resource that anyone can book, ideally without any lead time. Continue reading

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MetaHarpers is a casual, non-profit, easygoing group of individuals. We seek out highly imaginative works in Second Life, contribute our own when the mood strikes, and explore how virtual worlds enable new fusions of technology and art.

We help new players find interesting artistic places within the virtual grid, and also help veterans keep up with the imaginative art scene and get involved in various creative projects.

This group is open-invitation. That means anyone is free to join. You are encouraged to invite your friends! You don’t have to know how to build in order to join, just have an interest in original creations around the grid. If you do know how to build or are in the process of learning please do consider creating a MetaHarp! There’s always room for one more and it’s a great way to meet some new people.

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