MetaHarper Show Tools – How and Where to get Updates

Where to find Upgrades

Since version 5.1.4, MetaHarper Show Tools will automatically check if it is up to date every time you rez the MST Performance Engine. If it detects you are out of date, you will be sent a new package automatically.

At the moment there is no way to turn off automatic sending of new versions but this may be possible in a future release.

If you do not yet have a MetaHarper Show Tools package, you can pick it up at the MetaHarpery project building in historic Nova Albion here in SL or on the SL marketplace.

Although any MST Performance Engine will work in any performance area with a centerpoint,some theaters offer a version of the MST Performance Engine that doubles as a stage template. Instead of being the usual golden triangle, it comes in a shape that exactly matches that theater’s stage or performance area, making it easier to plan your set on your own property. Look for a cylinder-shaped camera marker backstage that will give out these customized MST packages. Instructions for creating your own are here:

As of this documentation, there are customized MST Templates for the following Venues:

  • A&M Stage
  • Empire Room (Elysium)
  • Elysion Stage
  • Extravadanza Theater
  • Guerilla Burlesque Mainstage, Cirque de Nuit Tent, Mayfair
  • Terpsicorps Theater of the Nine Muses

If you know of a theater that offers customized MST templates, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Do You Need to Upgrade?

If you have an act packaged already with an older version of the tools, in most cases you do not need to upgrade it, but please do make any new acts with the latest version available.

How to Upgrade

If you do decide to upgrade an older act to the latest MetaHarper Show Tools version, the process is easy. You remove the old scripts and replace them with new scripts. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of your old MST package and rename it to something with “_old” at the end, just to be safe.
  2. Rez both your old MST Performance Engine and the new MST Performance Engine next to each other on the ground
  3. Remove all of the scripts form your old MST Performance Engine (but keep the notecards)
  4. Copy all of the scripts from the new MST Performance Engine into your inventory, and then drag them all from your inventory into the performance engine rezzed on the ground that you wish top upgrade.

After doing that you should be done and upgraded. You may wish to “reset scripts” on your upgraded MST performance engine.