MetaHarper Show Tools – Licensing

These tools are provided in the hopes that they will foster social creations and inspire people to express themselves in new and interesting ways.

If you like the MetaHarper Show Tools, then tell your friends about them and consider letting me know about any interesting events where it is used. Seeing people do interesting things with the tools is very rewarding and also gives us ideas for future improvements!

The mention of the “MetaHarpers of Second Life” or the “MetaHarper Show Tools” product in your credits would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider joining the public SL group, “MetaHarpers Cabal”. This group serves as an informal community support group for the tools as well as a place to track some interesting highly imaginative art and art projects.

Donations are very welcome. Please send to “Arrehn Oberlander” in SL.

MetaHarper Show Tools are not provided with any warranty or guaranteed fit for any particular purpose.