MetaHarper Show Tools Credits

I had the idea to put together a kit that could run an entire choreographed act, including music streams, movement, animations, and props after watching BabyPeaVonPhoenix and Diawa Bellic play on their Skrillex stage set for almost an hour straight. If it was this much fun for insiders who had seen it before, how much fun would it be to newcomers? May the grid be filled with infectious smiles!

Although I was the one to get this project started a few years ago, it has since taken on a life of its own. Originally it was just built to create the Interactive Stage Gallery. Today is used for the general purpose creation of all manner of performances. MetaHarper Show Tools is very much open to community participation and we love offers of help.

MetaHarper Show Tools is brought to you by:

Arrehn Oberlander : Creator, Scripting

Candace Chung: HUD design
Chewie Quixote: Research, Testing
Chryblnd Scribe : Use Cases, Seating, Land Use, Testing
Diawa Bellic: Curtain Design Research
Deb Heron: Training materials, Use Cases, Classes, Comprehensive Testing
Fukuju Amaterasu: Seat Design, Web Editor
Imrhien Fargis: Testing, Interactive Stage Pilot
Gloriana Maartens: Stage design, Interactive Stage Pilot
Martin Yeats: Inspiration, Spot-On centerpoint compatibility
PrincessChilehead Masala : Website Management
Rachael Young, Inspiration, Barre HUD integration help
Ratz DiMorte: Testing
Shippy Creations: Accuo stage template
Sho Kyong: Testing, Documentation, HUD Textures, Use Cases, Interactive Stage Pilot
Tozh Taurog : Scripting, Editing, Design, MST Outfitter
Tray Porthos : Classes
Usher Piers: Testing, Editing, Seat Tweaks

…And many others!